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teach for a year  in china


Amazing Year In China (AYIC) is the gateway to fulfilling your goals as a teacher, administrator, and citizen of the world. We partnership with prestigious international schools in major cities in China and offer the best teaching jobs available in China.

China is in an enormous country with diverse geography, climate, culture and people. Teaching in China gives you the opportunity to explore not only China, but all of Asia. Teachers working for an international school will typically have around 1.5 months of paid time off; 11 working days of public holiday plus additional 1 - 2 full weeks off for Chinese New Year.  With all of this time off and a high relative income, you can take the vacations you've always dreamed of and form memories that last a lifetime.


Teaching in China will help make your resume stand out when you start your job search in today's competitive market. With more and more companies expanding internationally, having international experience (and possibly language skills) is a very attractive quality on a resume. Having taught English abroad means you are able to navigate different workplace cultures and have developed cross-culture competence. This demonstrated ability to work with people from different backgrounds  will be a major asset and serves as an effective talking point when job hunting to start your career. 


Last but not least - teaching in China offers a generous salary, with low cost of living, for fun and rewarding work.  It is easy to build savings (or to afford traveling the world!).



  • Monthly salary of $3,000 to $5,000 (2-4x average local salary in Shanghai)

  • Reimbursement for plane ticket to China upon completion of 1-year contract

  • Rent-free furnished housing or housing allowance

  • Chinese work visa and resident permit 

  • Health Care

  • Personalized Relocation Assistance

  • Teaching opportunities across China in cities big and small 

  • 4 weeks of paid time off, plus additional 1-2 full weeks off for Chinese New Year.

about AYIC

  • AYIC is a boutique recruiting firm, focused on placing highly-qualified candidates into prestigious international schools (K-12) in major Chinese metropolitan areas.  Our partner schools have first-class facilities and benefits.  The pictures on our site are real photos from our partner school's facilities, to give you an idea of where you will work.

  • AYIC provides personalized recruiting services for each individual candidate. Large-scale overseas teaching companies assign you to a school, without your input.  We help you obtain multiple competitive job offers, so you can choose your own adventure and land the best job for you.

Videos from our partner schools