Groceries in general are very cheap in China, about 1/5 of the cost in the U.S., unless you buy foreign imported products such as cheese, pasta etc.

The video below gives you a feel about how much groceries cost in a major big city in China. If you want to live in a smaller city, costs are even lower.

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Updated: Oct 28, 2019

In terms of crime, China is recognized as one of the safest countries in the world. Tough law enforcement, a 99% conviction rate, and draconian criminal penalties act as harsh and effective deterrents to serious crime. China certainly feels safe, and many foreigners report feeling far more comfortable walking around late at night in China than in their home town. You’re unlikely to witness fights, and any drunken misconduct tends mainly to happen among expat crowds.

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There are so many tutoring jobs available for additional income! Once you have started teaching at your school, you will probably learn about multiple opportunities for tutoring to make some extra money. If you are a good tutor, you can make about $38/hr. On average, tutors charge between $20~$50/hr cash.

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