Chinese employers ILLEGALLY refuse to cancel teacher work permit during Covid - PROTECT YOUR RIGHTS

There is a massive shortage of foreign teachers in China due to Covid-19. Certain schools and agencies are resorting to illegal and subversive tactics in order to prevent their current teachers from leaving for new opportunities. Specifically, schools either try to (a) withhold a "work permit cancellation letter" so that teachers cannot start at a new school, or (b) cancel the teacher's work visa immediately upon the teacher giving notice to leave - causing teachers to be out of legal visa status.

Today we talk to a teacher who overcame his old dispatching agency's attempt to withhold his "work permit cancellation letter" to prevent him from leaving for a new opportunity. By sharing his story - we want to encourage more teachers to stand up for themselves against these illegal practices and pursue their best opportunities without fear.

We also discuss the different types of agencies that place teachers in China. "Dispatching agencies" - which take a signifcant % cut of a teachers monthly paycheck, vs. "Standard agencies" like us at AYIC - which take a one-time recruiting fee from the hiring school.

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